Copywriting Every Possible Melody

What would it take to own the copyright on every possible melody that could reasonably be created by humans? Watch the video above and find out!


Watch the above video and answer the following questions:

  1. The first computation they wanted to attempt was 8810. In a couple of sentences, explain where those values came from (what does each number represent) and why they ended up abandoning that plan.
  2. What mathematical calculation did they compute where the answer was 68.7 billion melodies? What did those values represent that led them to that answer?
  3. The computer programmers created these 68.7 billion melodies in 6 days. Before this, assuming music was being written in the traditional way, how long was it estimated to take before we “ran out of new music”?
  4. The creators of this project explain that they did not do this so they could force payment for any new melody. Explain who they are trying to support by embarking on this project.
  5. Write a paragraph expressing your opinion: Should people be able to “own” a melody? If there are a finite number of melodies available to humans, is it right for any one person to own one (or more) of them?

Thanks to Braun M. for suggesting this badge opportunity!

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