Geometric Baking

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@dinarakasko Geometrical kinetic tarts. This work is the result of collaboration with José Margulis @j.margulis Great talented artist from Venezuela who works with Geometric abstractionism and Kinetic art. I tried to transform his creations, made of plastic, aluminum and acrylic, into something edible, using basic techniques and ingredients. All decor was made from white chocolate using milling machine. Read more about these works on my website The track: DJ LK – Garden Of Sadness . Геометрические кинетические тарты. Работа является результатом совместной работы с José Margulis @j.margulis талантливым скульптором из Венесуэлы, который работает с геометрическим абстракционизмом и кинетическим искусством. Я попыталась превратить его творения, сделанные из пластика, алюминия и акрила в кондитерские изделия. Для создания декора я использовала белый шоколад и ацетатные пленки, вырезали пластины с помощью фрезерного станка. Читайте всю статью на моем сайте . #dinarakasko #cake #desserts #pastrychef #chefstalk #okmycake #pastry #pastryinspiration #cakes #kharkov #харьков #pastryart #geometry #kineticart #art #jmargulis #geometricart #sculpture #kinetic #parametric#designmilk#tart #торт

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A couple of bakers have adopted mathematics into the aesthetic design of their creations. You can see Dinara Kasko’s cakes here, and you can see Lauren Ko’s pies here.


Visit both of the links above and look at the artist’s creations.

Make a list of at least 7 mathematical/geometric concepts or ideas you see included in their creations. Pick at least one that you see in BOTH women’s creations.

Pick at least two culinary (food) terms that you weren’t familiar with from the descriptions, look up their definition, and explain what they mean.

Then, make a drawing for an idea you have for a mathematical cake or pie of your own in the style of either Dinara Kasko or Lauren Ko (your choice, just pick your favorite). Label your drawing with both the flavors/ingredients that you will include, and also the mathematical concepts that you plan to include in your creation. (NOTE: Instead of a drawing you’re welcome to actually bake something and include a photo of it!)

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