From the NFL’s Big Data Bowl

Alex Stern was a High School student volunteering at a nursing home when he heard about data analytics for the first time. Now, a few years later, he’s finishing college and presenting for NFL teams at the Big Data Bowl. Read about his story here.


Read the article linked above. Answer the following questions in a couple of sentences each.

  1. What was the context of the first model that Alex heard about when volunteering at the assisted living facility? What was the firm measuring about the assisted living facility?
  2. What was Alex’s undergraduate degree at the University of Virginia? What is he studying in graduate school (for his Master’s degree)?
  3. Explain Alex’s football algorithm and what it measured. Why might NFL teams find this information important?
  4. Alex learned a lot about communication when presenting to the Big Data Bowl. Why is it important for statisticians and data analysts to be good communicators?

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