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Whoa:  538 (ESPN) has published a huge analytics piece on Sumo wrestling.  Hakuho, a modern great yokozuna in the world of sumo wrestling has drawn comparisons to the historically great Raiden (a great wrestler from the 1700’s — centuries ago!).  They analyze the careers of both wrestlers and try to determine who is the “greatest sumo wrestler of all time”

Check out the article here:

Or dive deep into the data yourself here:


Read the article (first link above).  Write a paragraph making the case for each wrestler (Hakuho and Raiden) being the greatest of all time (two paragraphs total).  Find another all-time great wrestler (use a name from the article, or another sumo wrestler you may be familiar with for some inexplicable reason), research his career online, and estimate their place on all 6 graphs in the second link (screenshot each of the six graphs  by using SHIFT-COMMAND-4, import them into your Word or a Google Doc that contains the above paragraphs and use a picture tool to place a mark where you think your wrestler “belongs” on each graph).  Write a sentence that explains your wrestlers place in sumo history (average, below average, all time great, etc.)



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