Triple. Overtime. Hockey.

The hometown Nashville Predators won a classic last night to draw their playoff series with the San Jose Sharks even at 2 games apiece.  The game went to three overtimes.  (Three 20 minute periods are a normal game, and this was followed by two full 20 minute periods and around 11 minutes of the third overtime.  Almost two full games).

Sportswriter Joe Lemire dug into the data to see how a game like this affects the players physically.  The exertion is pretty amazing.  Check out the article here:


Read Mr. Lemire’s Vocativ article linked above.

Problem Solving:  The longest NHL playoff game in recent history was between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers.  On May 4, 2000, Keith Primeau scored 12 minutes into the 5th Overtime (so: 3 full 20 minute periods, 4 full 20 minute overtimes, and 12 minutes of the 5th overtime).

Imagine last night’s game had gone on as long as the Flyers/Penguins game.  If Shea Weber, Brent Burns, and Roman Josi had all played similar roles how many miles would each of them have skated by the end of the night?

Mr. Lemire’s article about the 3 OT game estimates that the two teams together skated over 160 miles.  Estimate the total distance traveled if the Sharks and Predators had played for as long as the Flyers and Penguins did back in 2000.

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