Why Math Is The Best Way To Make Sense of the World


From the original article at Quanta, see the video above for Dr. Rebecca Goldin’s explanation for why mathematics helps the world to make sense.

Watch the above video.  Answer the following questions in a couple of paragraphs.

We define the term literacy as the ability to read and write (and understand what you read and write).  Using that as a basis, what do you think Dr. Goldin means by the term quantitative literacy?

Why does Dr. Goldin think quantitative literacy is so important?  What can individuals who are quantitatively literate accomplish?

In her Quanta interview (towards the bottom), they discuss her work with an organization called STATS.  Explain what STATS is hoping to accomplish, and how it is related to her views on quantitative literacy that you described earlier.  (You don’t have to read the entire article — you may — but you can skip ahead to where they discuss her work with STATS).



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