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Hi, I’m Joel!

If your school or district is interested in improving or changing its approach to mathematics (especially in the middle grades) then I am your guy and I’m available for consulting and presenting on a variety of unique topics.

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Joel Teaching (Beard optional)

I’m an interesting & engaging speaker (…or so I’m told.  I still can’t stand to listen to myself on tape, though). (But, really, who can?).  My sense of humor and personable approach draws in both students and adults.  My professional development sessions with teachers are fun and I ensure that teachers leave with practical resources that they can immediately implement in their classrooms (a far-too-rare occurrence in professional development these days).

I’ve presented at a variety of conferences — ISTE, TMTA,  NCTM, &  Twitter Math Camp 2016, attended others (Harvard Project Zero Future of Learning, as a notable example), and been awarded both grants and faculty chairs during my 15+ years as a professional educator.

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Here are some suggested topics for Professional Development or Consulting:

Sports Analytics — Use the burgeoning field of sports analytics to engage your students in mathematics in new and exciting ways.

Literature in the Math Classroom — Useful for both mathematics and English teachers, see how to use novels to allow students to engage mathematics differently than they ever have before.

Build Your Own Curriculum — Math teachers generally supplement their chosen textbook significantly.  Many are close to having an entire new curriculum created if they just organized it, tidied up some loose ends, and filled in a few gaps.   I will provide suggestions, resources, and hands-on assistance in setting up an interactive, online curriculum in the same vein as my own

Math History Lessons for Cross-Curricular Studies — Participate in a number of lessons in Math History that would be appropriate for cross-curricular studies in history, English, or Science classes.  I will come in and lead a number of lessons using your faculty as the “students”.  I will provide resources so you can “plug-and-play” the lessons in your own classrooms.

Math Lessons for Christian Schools — Too many math textbooks released from “Christian” publishers fall far short of the mark.  Word problems about Noah’s Ark do not a “Christian textbook” make.  See some interactive, engaging lessons to demonstrate how biblical truth can be demonstrated in math lessons for Middle School and High School students.

There are more topics that I would be pleased to investigate with you in a professional development setting; too many to list, in fact!  But here’s a start:

“How To Be Excited About Math & Not Sound Like a Lunatic to Your Students”

“Using Experiments to Develop an Understanding of Probability in MS Students”

“Using Technology in the Middle Grades Math Class” (Desmos, Geogebra, MS Excel, TI-84 calculators, etc.)

If any of these sound interesting for professional development in your school or district or if you have an idea you’d like to pursue, I would love to hear from you:


@joelbezaire on Twitter