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Hire me for Professional Development/Speaking?

Check out this NewsChannel 5 piece on a co-curricular activity I did with TPAC involving my novel studies for math classes!


Quaker Hill Grant, 2011

Bovender Chair for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching, 2014 (Video!)

2016 National Finalist for Rosenthal Prize



Back To School Special, Bacon on the Bookshelf, August 2014

How Infinitely Big Is God, Christianity Today, December 2014

Why Fractals Are So Beautiful, Christianity Today, November 2015

How Plants Count, Christianity Today, May 2016

Beauty Has A Number, Christianity Today, May 2016

The Eagle, The Shell, and the Sunflower, Christianity Today, June 2016

Interview on Sports Analytics in Esquemao, June 2016  (In Portuguese)

If Jesus Came To Flatland, Christianity Today, June 2016 (co-written with Ted Olsen)

The Beauty of Ugly Algorithms, Circe Institute, September 2016

How I Teach, The Rational Radical, September 2016

Is Christianity Really Dying? Faithwire, October 2016

Entwined Mathematics, Fathom Magazine, April 2017

The Unexpected Biases of Primes, Fathom Magazine, May 2017

Implementing a Badging System (Part 1), (Part 2), (Part 3), (Part 4) NCTM, Spring 2018

Interview with KQED/MindShift, Spring 2018

Class Dismissed Podcast (Interview), Spring 2018



ISTE 2013, San Antonio TX

TMTA 2014, Knoxville, TN

NCTM 2015, Nashville, TN

MTSU New Math Teacher Symposium – 2010, 2011, 2016

TMC 2016, Minneapolis, MN (Presentation on YouTube!)

TMC 2017, Atlanta, GA (Presentation on YouTube!)

TMC 2018, Cleveland, OH

NCTM 2018, Kansas City, MO (Pending)


Leading A Professional Development Workshop:

Deerfield Windsor, Albany GA, 2016

Project Engage (Consultant), Middle Tennessee State University, 2017

American Christian Academy, Tuscaloosa, AL, 2017


Attending Professional Development

Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, M.I.T., February 2015

Project Zero Future of Learning Conference, Harvard University, July 2015

The Educator’s Cooperative (Cohort 1), Nashville, TN Summer 2016


Other Math Websites I’ve Created:

Variable Analysis Games


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