Grading Scale


Tests 35% // Quizzes 20% // POTW 20% //Badges 15% // HW/Daily Work 10% //

Binder Dividers for Pre-Algebra:

“Permanent Stuff” // “Work & Stuff” // “Graded Stuff”

Class Policies:


  • Projects will count towards tests or quizzes, depending on the size of the project
  • late homework is not accepted.  We will check each HW assignment in class the next day, and at that time everyone should make their homework perfect — whether that is correcting mistakes or just copying the problems down for the first time.  Any missed HW is a zero.
  • The only assignments that may be turned in late (for reduced credit) are Problems of the Week and projects.
  • Coming to class prepared is part of your In-Class Daily Grade.  This includes paper, pencil, calculator, laptop, agenda/planner, and Active Learning Guide (ALG).  During January/February, it includes your copy of the novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
  • Let’s all agree to be respectful to each other, OK?
  • See the sub-page on Badges for more information on those.

2 thoughts on “Grading Scale

  1. Lee Ann Trzcienski

    These topics and details are beautiful! I try my best to emphasize careers, problem solving, patterns, etc. I am an engineer turned math teacher 6 years ago (at the age of 52!). I just have a bulletin board, however, with many of these topics/headings. Do you allow other teachers to access your blog? If so, I would love to integrate it into the STEAM curriculum I am working on for our charter. You have obviously spent countless hours on this material. Thank you for the idea. I just started using Goggle classroom and am building a website currently. Lots more to do!


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