Chap. I

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 9.47.40 AMIf you were to ask your parent or older sibling what they remember most from their Algebra 1 class, it is likely the material that we begin to cover here in Chapter I.   Numerous times through the course of this curriculum we’ve looked at equations and inequalities of a single variable.  Now, that single variable may have appeared multiple times in each equation — but it was always an “x” or always a “y” or always an “n”.

In this chapter, we’ll look at what happens when we face two different variables in the same equation.  This type of equation offers up so many different opportunities for us, that it requires a whole new structure to show solutions — and that’s what we’ll learn about in our first section of this chapter.

Extra Practice:  Solutions to an linear equation

Extra Practice: Completing a table of linear solutions

Extra Practice:  Graphing a linear equation

Extra Practice:  Graphing a linear equation <– WITH ANSWER KEY

NOTE:  f(x) serves as “y” in the tables above.  You’ll learn about that in Algebra 1 next year.

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