Chap. G

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 9.45.21 AMFractions.  The dreaded F-word.

When students roll into one of my Pre-Algebra classes with the mindset that “math is difficult” or “I don’t like math”, very often the reason is fractions.  They’ve had difficulty with fractions for a while, fractions were the first math topic that was really hard for them, or they’ve spent so much time working with fractions since third grade they are just sick to death of them.

I have good news.

This chapter is called “Rational Numbers”, and it includes some work with fractions.  But now that we know some Algebra, we’ll get to examine fractions from a different perspective.  If fractions have always been hard for you, seeing them from an Algebraic perspective can help them to make more sense to you.  If you’re sick to death of them, then using fractions in an Algebraic setting will help increase the challenge for you.

G-1 Proving Numbers Rational

G-2 Fraction/Decimal/Percent Conversions

G-3 Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers

G-4 Multiplying Rational Numbers

G-5 Dividing Rational Numbers

G-6 Multi-Step Equations with Rational Numbers

G-7 Solving Proportions

G-8 Percent Problems

G-9 Applications of Proportion and Percent

Extra Practice/Test Review:

AddingSubtractingFractionsPractice (Includes Answer Key)

AllOperationsWithFractionsPractice (Includes Answer Key)

G-6 Extra Practice (Equations with fractions)

G-7 Extra Practice (Proportions w/multi-step equations)

Proportions Review

Chapter G Jeopardy PPT: Jeopardy Chapters G wDesmos

Practice Test and Answer Key: ChapterGPracticeTestANDKey (10b has the wrong answer on the key, it should be 333 in the denominator not 111)

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