Chap. E

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In my classes, this chapter happens the three weeks before Winter Break.  It’s a nice break from “regular” schoolwork and leads us into the extended break with some fun experiments and exercises.  By the end of the chapter, we will use our Algebra skills to examine some of the patterns we’ve created and learn something new (“generalize”) about Probability.

I’m assuming that you have a Texas Instruments 83- or 84- series calculator for these lessons.  If you don’t you’ll have to find a random number generator online (here’s a good one) and modify the lesson using that random number generator instead.

What are the chances I’ll list the Chapter Sections next?

E-1:  Introduction to Probability

E-2:  Creating Probability Experiments

E-3:  Probability Experiments with Percentages

E-4:  Probability Experiments with Fractional Probabilities

E-5:  Discovering Compound Theoretical Probability Through Experimental Results



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