Chap. D

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Chapter D (“Multi-Step Equations”) is one of the topics that most people associate with “Algebra”.  It’s the stuff that your parents might remember doing.  I like studying multi-step equations early in the year, because that means we’ll get to re-visit this tricky subject a couple more times this year when we study different families of numbers.  You’ll be glad you got more practice on this topic when you take Algebra 1 — if you’re good at these it can make a whole lot of things a whole lot easier.

D-1: Two-Step Equations

D-2: Multi-Step Equations

D-3: Equations With Variables on Both Sides

D-4:  Equations With Strange Solutions

D-5:  Applications of Multi-Step Equations


Chapter D Practice Test And Key:  ChapterDPracticeTest

Chapter D Jeopardy Questions:  ChapterDJeopardy

Multi-Step Equations: Extra practice sheet:  d1 and d2 extra practice d3 extra practice

Multi-Step Equations:  Extra practice online

Multi-Step Equations:  More practice online

CALCULATOR CHECK guidelines (thanks Ms. Wolfgang!)


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