Chap. C

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Now that we’ve learned some Algebra, let’s revisit some topics that you’ve probably learned about in previous years.  This chapter is all about Integers.

This chapter has two purposes:

1)  You’ll get more practice on the Algebraic Properties, but this time with Integers and not just positive whole numbers.


2)  You’ll get to re-visit what you know about Integers, and view their rules and procedures from a different perspective.  In other words, now you can learn about Integers “algebraically”.


C-1:  Comparing Integers

C-2:  Adding Integers

C-3:  Subtracting Integers

C-4:  Multiplying and Dividing Integers

C-5:  Order of Operations with Integers

C-6:  Simplifying Expressions with Integers

C-7:  Solving One-Step Equations with Integers


ChapterC Practice Test And Key

Jeopardy Chapter 3 Review Powerpoint (PPT) file

C-1 (Comparing Integers) Extra Practice

C-5 (Order of Operations) Extra Practice

Mystery Pair Practice


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