Chap. B

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 9.43.21 AMThe last section of Chapter A was a great example of what Algebra can do for us; if we can identify patterns, we may be able to generalize them (find a formula that describes them).

In Chapter B we will look at the rules that dictate how we can establish and generalize those patterns — they are called the Algebraic Properties.  These are the rules one has to follow if one wishes to be successful in Algebra.

We’ll start by establishing the rules in the first section (don’t worry if some of them feel obvious…they’re supposed to be), and in later sections in this chapter we’ll look at how to apply some of those properties and their implications.

B-1:  The Algebraic Properties

B-2:  The Distributive Property

B-3:  The Commutative Properties

B-4:  The Properties of Equality

B-5:  Applications of The Properties

Chapter B Test Review:

B-1 Property Quizlet

B-1 Card Sort

B-1 Extension New operation – Exploring Properties

B-2/B-3 Extra Practice Sheet

B-4 Pong Review

B-5 Extra Practice Sheet


 Chapter B Review Jeopardy (PPT) 

Practice Test: Chapter2PracticeTestandKey

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