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A new video game based on Infographics (a form of Data Representation) is hitting the PlayStation store and Steam (coming later to XBox 1).

Check out the trailer here:

…and visit the game’s website here:


Watch the trailer and visit the website above.  Look at some of the press material on the website to get a sense for how the game in constructed and played.

You have two choices to complete this badge:

  1. Download the game on your system and play it.  Spend about an hour or so.  Write three paragraphs explaining your experience, how infographics (charts, graphs, data displays, etc.) are used in the game and what you thought of the game.  Will you keep playing it for fun?  How could it be improved or what should they include in a possible sequel?


2.  On a sheet of blank paper, draw out your own infographic game board for Metrico+.  You should model it based on what you see in the trailer and press material from the website, but it can be any mathematical infographic that you want to come up with.  On a separate sheet of paper, explain how the user would navigate the board and would be expected to interact with the various pieces of your infographic.

(You can’t do both parts of this badge for credit.  One or the other.  You’re always welcome to do both of them for fun, of course).


No Man’s Sky

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 1.32.21 PM

No Man’s Sky is a ground-breaking video game releasing this summer for PS4 and Steam (PC).  The size of the universe contained in the game is basically…infinite.

How is that possible?  Well, through the power of mathematics.  Watch:



Watch the YouTube video above (you can stop at 6:45 or so when he starts answering letters from the previous episode).  In a couple of paragraphs, explain how mathematics is used to make the different “natural” aspects of the world in No Man’s Sky.  In other words, how can only 4 artists design 18 QUINTILLION different worlds?  How do they implement quality control (making sure there are no mistakes in the design of the game)?  What concept is behind the mathematical formula that makes the trees/animals/landscapes look so realistic?

Beneath your paragraphs, draw a pencil sketch of a plant that follows the basic rules outlined in the video and employed by the game designers.  Add whatever artistic flourishes you want to your plant, but draw it using the same “procedurally generated” technique that the programmers used.

Thanks to Tillman for relaying the idea of this badge to me

(and confirmation of the idea from Steven and Niles)

If you want to add Mr. Bezaire as a friend on the Playstation network his handle is detectivechimp.  I’ll see you in No Man’s Sky.