“We don’t need no stinking badges!”  (Except you DO need some badges, stinking or not.)

Badges are a chance for you to see math at work in our world.

Each trimester, you need to complete four (4) of assignments from the blog section of this website.  You can choose any blog post all the way back to the beginning, not just the ones from this school year.  I’ve posted on a variety of mathematical topics, so you should be able to find something interesting on there.  The blog has categories you can click, so if you don’t feel like scrolling through the entire blog archives, you can find a category that looks interesting and search that way.  The categories are listed in the sidebar of the blog or at the bottom of this page.   Also, the “pingback” section at the bottom of this page has a list of all the blog posts so you can scan them by title.

The requirement for each badge are different.  Some are articles, some are videos, some are art projects, and some are math problems that need to be solved.  So you should be able to find a) a topic you find interesting and b) an assignment you feel you can complete.

Each badge will be scored on a 5-point scale.  Written answers are expected to follow the 7th Grade “No Excuses” list of expectations.  In general, the 5 points will be judged on this scale:

5 points:  Perfect, followed all instructions, thorough, complete.

4:  Well done, may have missed a step, incomplete, not as thorough.

3:  Fair, missing some components or misunderstood directions.

2:  Poor, missing lots of components or very sloppily done work

1 point:  Almost unrecognizable in relation to what the directions were.

If a badge is turned in on the due date, one of the five scores will be given.  If a badge is turned in before a due date and is judged to be a 1, 2, or 3, I will allow you to re-do the badge to earn a 4 or 5.

On our first badge we will create a Google Doc where all Badges for the year should be kept.

Badge Categories:

Careers in Math            Data Representation                 Literature and Math

Math and Beauty          Math History                               Math, Equity, and Culture

Problem Solving            Sports Analytics                          Video Games


Individual Badge Posts found on the Blog or below this post:

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