Happy Star Wars Day!

May The Fourth Be With You!!


Infographic by Building The Millennium Falcon

Check out this infographic explaining how much it would cost to build the Millenium Falcon, the famed ship that did the Kessel Run in 14 12 parsecs.

(Direct link in case it doesn’t show up above: http://infographics.buildmillenniumfalcon.com/how-much-does-it-cost/)


Read through the infographic.

  1.  Determine how much it would cost to build a Millenium Falcon that contained only the scientifically viable parts — in other words, no hyperdrive (engine that allows for faster-than-light travel), only the sub-light engines.
  2. Convert your new cost to American dollars.  Use this link for the current exchange rate.
  3. The same website that included this infographic offers a subscription to build a model/replica Millenium Falcon.  It costs $64.99/month for 25 months.  What percentage of the cost for an actual Millenium Falcon does it cost to build the scale replica?
  4. This company also offers a 1:2 scale model R2-D2 available here.  View the “Product Specs” and determine R2-D2’s actual dimensions.



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