Mathematics Can Never Lie To You

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 8.18.57 AM.png

From WIRED magazine (via Quanta) comes a nice profile of mathematician Sylvia Serfaty, noted mathematician and winner of the Poincare Prize.

Check out the article (and brief video interview) above.


Read the article and watch the video linked above.  Answer the following questions, with at least a complete sentence for each answer.

  1.  Explain her allusion to mathematics as “weaving one’s own rug”
  2. Explain how she first found her love for mathematics.
  3.  What are Dr. Serfaty’s concerns with how Hollywood and the media portray mathematicians?  Why does she think it harms children’s views of themselves as mathematicians?
  4. How does Dr. Serfaty go about tackling a difficult problem?
  5. Why does Dr. Serfaty think more women in math and science would be a good thing?

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