John Urschel’s Problem Sets


Our footballing friend, Baltimore Raven’s Offensive Lineman John Urschel (who we’ve seen before here and here), is now publishing a weekly problem set for The Player’s Tribune.

Take a look at them here:


Each Wednesday, Mr. Urschel publishes a set of three problems to solve.  Spend approximately 15 minutes per problem working on a solution.  NOTE:  It’s OK if you don’t find a full solution to each problem.  But you need to turn in what looks like approximately 15 minutes worth of work on each problem.  Write out either your solution or your thoughts about this problem (Why was it hard?  Are you close to a solution?  What could you have done differently/better? etc.)

To earn a badge you must turn in your work before the solutions to the problems are published the following Wednesday.  This means you must pick the most current/recent problem set in order to earn a badge for this article.  You are of course welcome to work on these problems just for fun.  Bring them to Mr. Bezaire and he’ll help you!!

Talk Back To The Teacher Here:

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