A Mathematical Analysis of the Electoral College


You may have heard that there’s a Presidential Election this year?

As this is one of the most hotly contested and emotional political races in recent memory, every facet of the election is going to be under scrutiny.  One such facet is the Electoral College.

Mathematician John Allen Paulos wrote an opinion piece back before the 2012 Presidential Election for ABC News criticizing the Electoral College system.  He posits that a candidate could conceivably lose the popular election 70,000,000 to 11 but still win the presidency.

Is that possible?  Does this carry even more weight in 2016 than it did in 2012?  Read on and see:  http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/mitt-romney-barack-obama-win-eleven-votes-electoral/story?id=16470327


Read the article.  Explain how a candidate could logically receive only 11 votes but still win the presidency.  Write a paragraph explaining your feelings on the Electoral College (Do you think it is fair?  Should we do it differently?).  Then research one other free, democratic country and determine how their national leader is elected.  (Example:  Prime Minister of Britain, Japan, Canada, Australia, etc.)

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