The World’s Fastest Sprinters

Usain Bolt did it again.  Bolt became the first male athlete to win three gold medals in the 100 m dash, cementing his status as the fastest man to ever live.  See the highlights by clicking here or watching the video above.

The Hindustan Times created this cool infographic that details the fastest person from every country. A very interesting way to view some very interesting data points.  Check it out here:


Watch the “race” at both of the links above, and click through the informational pieces that are provided.  Answer the following questions as you click the “NEXT” button.

  1.  Use the information about India’s Amiya Kumar Mallick (how far behind he is in distance (m) and time (hundredths of a second) to estimate how fast (meters per second) these world class sprinters are running.
  2. Create a new speed estimate based on the distance between Usain Bolt and the runner from Tuvalu (the slowest represented in this list).
  3. Are the two speed estimates the same?  Explain why you think this is the case.
  4. USN student Morayo ’22 recently won a 100 m. race with a meet-record time of 12.10.  Estimate how many meters she would finish behind Usain Bolt in a race.

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