Room Tour 2016/2017

I report back for inservice tomorrow, and the students come back next week.  This begins year 18 of my teaching career, year 15 at my current school (and in my current classroom).

When I arrived a decade-and-a-half ago (excuse me a moment while I go swig some Metamucil and change my Depends) I don’t know why they gave me the biggest classroom in the school.  Seriously — besides, like, the gym and maybe a science lab or two this place has to be among the biggest rooms in the building.  It’s probably 35 x 35 feet, or close to it.  I’m not complaining, mind you, but it’s taken me most of these 15 years to figure out how to use ALL THIS SPACE effectively.

So here’s what I’ve done with it.  I’m sure in 15 more years I will look back and roll my eyes at this current set up.  But?  It works for me now and that is what matters.  Click on through for pictures and comments:

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