“What Good Is Math Anyhow?”

(With thanks to @mathhombre for pointing out this great Medium post by Jeremy Kun, entitled Habits of Highly Mathematical People.)

Students, have you ever wondered what the goal of a mathematics education is?  Especially those of you who think you’re going into a career that doesn’t “use math”.  Well, this article is for you.

Check it out here:  https://medium.com/@jeremyjkun/habits-of-highly-mathematical-people-b719df12d15e#.t3pj9hbxm


Read the article (linked above).  The author gives 6 habits that mathematical people possess.

Discussing definitions

Coming up with counterexamples

Being wrong often and admitting it

Evaluating many possible consequences of a claim

Teasing apart the assumptions underlying an argument

Scaling the ladder of abstraction


Pick any three (3) of them, and write a brief paragraph for each.  Explain why these traits are important in any career, how mathematics helps foster these traits, and give an example in your own mathematical learning to this point of when math helped you develop that specific trait.


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