Baseball is Back


Well, Spring Training has started anyways.  To celebrate, Paul Caputo at created a color wheel of all 160 (!!) Minor League Baseball Team Logos.  Visit the website for the full (high-res) color wheel.


Visit the website linked above and click to get the high-res version of the color wheel.

Perform 3 separate statistical analyses* on the color wheel and represent your findings in a visual format (bar graph, circle graph, pictograph, etc.)

*What do I mean by this?  One statistical analysis is to report on what percent are in each color (x% are red, y% are blue, etc).   Another could be what percent have different types of animals (bird are a%, cats are b%, no animals on c%, etc.).  Another could be what letters are involved in the logos (“A” is in m%, etc.).  Or what % have baseball equipment in them.  Or what % of the logos can you immediately tell which Major League team is affiliated?   These are just examples…choose 3 of them or choose your own.  But represent your data visually (a graph), not in text or a table.

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