Who Needs Algebra Anyways?

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There’s a new book coming out by educator, writer, and rabble-rouser Andrew Hacker about whether or not the United States’ current educational focus on higher mathematics is healthy and suits our students well.  It’s (provocatively) entitled The Math Myth.

Slate writer Dana Goldstein read the book and wrote an op-ed for Slate.  It’s entitled Algebra 2 Has To Go, but the conclusion has a much softer edge to it than the title indicates.

You can find that article here:  http://www.slate.com/articles/life/education/2016/03/algebra_ii_has_to_go.html

Interesting stuff, and worth considering.  Or is it?  I’ll let you decide.


Read the article linked above.  Present both sides of the argument as laid out by the author (why should higher math be eliminated from course requirements, and why should higher math not be eliminated).  How does the education system in the United States differ from that in other countries and how might that difference affect higher math courses here in the United States?  Finally, what are your thoughts on the matter?  Do you have a strong belief in one side or the other?


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