Number Songs


There’s a new book out that attempts to rank all of the best “number songs” in the history of popular music (like the one above).

Check out a Top Ten list of “number songs” here.  How many have you heard before?


Read the article above and watch at least two of the music videos.  Write a paragraph for each explaining what makes it a good “number song” (you can borrow words from the writeup, but don’t just copy the author’s ideas).  Name a favorite number song not on the list (include the artist’s name) and explain in a paragraph what makes it a good “number song”.

I’ve included some of my favorite “number songs” in the comments.  Feel free to add yours.


1 thought on “Number Songs

  1. jbezaire Post author

    Mr. Bezaire’s favorite Number Songs

    U2, “One”

    The White Stripes, “7 Nation Army”

    Beastie Boys “Three MC’s and One DJ”

    Sixpence None The Richer, “A Million Parachutes”

    Switchfoot, “24”


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