The Black Heroes of Mathematics

Black-Heroes-300x169October is Black History Month in the UK (as you likely know, it’s February here in the USA).

To honor the month, mathematician Dr. Nira Chamberlain created a Powerpoint on the Black Heroes of Mathematics.  Check out the slideshow here: 

BADGING:  Read the brief introductory sentences, and download the Powerpoint linked at the bottom of the blog post.  Write a sentence explaining why each of the four mathematicians profiled (Francis William, Benjamin Banneker, Elbert Cox, Euphemia Lofton Haynes) are significant in the history of math.  (You don’t have to write a sentence about the 5th mathematician profiled, Thomas Fuller, as we already have another badge opportunity about him).  Then write a paragraph explaining why it is important to know about the accomplishments of all of these mathematicians — and not just for other People of Color to know about these accomplishments, but for everyone.

Talk Back To The Teacher Here:

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