Soccer’s Left Handed Pitcher Problem

Tottenham Hotspur's Harry Kane celebrates scoring his side's first goal of the game during the Barclays Premier League match at White Hart Lane, London.

Soccer analytics is approaching a bit of a crossroads — Grantland writer Mike L. Goodman calls it a “left handed pitcher problem” for soccer.

In baseball, it’s well known that match-ups and the sheer quantity of data make it a great sport to use predictive analysis.  Soccer is a little bit different — lots of teams and players simply don’t get the “reps” needed to provide a substantial enough analysis of their statistics.  But that isn’t stopping teams from trying.

Check out the article here:


Read the article linked above.  Write a paragraph explaining what the author means by a “left handed pitcher problem”.  Write a second paragraph explaining why the question “What Can We Do To Change It?” is the important question being asked in soccer analytics currently.

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