The Home That Calculus Built

4242James Stewart was a millionaire and wrote the most popular calculus textbooks on the planet.  Before you wonder “How can that make someone a millionaire?!”…. have you seen the price of textbooks these days?

Anyhow, Mr. Stewart spent a good part of his fortune building The Integral House, a home in urban Toronto that pays homage to his first love, Calculus.

Mr. Stewart recently passed away, and The Integral House is for sale.  It can be yours for merely $22 million (but that’s in CANADIAN dollars; it’s considerably less when converted to US.  Probably close to only $15 million).

Simply put:  The Integral House is a stunning work of art.  See pictures and a video here:

BADGING:  Read the article above and watch the video.  Find and list at least 5 examples of mathematics in the architecture (include geometry, numeracy, or really anything that appears mathematical).  Then look at this information (<– link) on Integrals (the Calculus concept that the house was named for).  What do you see in the building of this house that reminds you of the picture at the top of the integral page and how does it relate to the concept of the integral?

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