The Mathematical Art of Globe making

GlobesWhat could be so difficult about making a globe?  You just make a big ball then attach a map to it, right?

Well…not so much.  It actually took Peter Bellerby a year-and-a-half to figure out how to do it correctly.  And there’s a lot of math involved.

Check out the article here:

And check out the Bellerby globes here:

BADGING:  Read the article, watch the video at the bottom of it, and browse the Bellerby website.  Explain in a paragraph why and how making a globe properly (or correctly) involves a lot of mathematics, and why this makes it such a difficult task.  In a second paragraph, explain if you think this is a worthwhile investment of time and resources — are globes still relevant in the internet age?  Could the time/money needed to make a globe be put to better use?  Is it worth the effort and expense to make these globes?  Explain why or why not.

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