Are You Smarter Than A New York Times Reader?

catreader_nobackgroundAn interesting challenge from the New York Times — try to guess two-thirds (2/3) of the average of all guesses between 0 and 100.  As of this blog post, over 50,000 people had entered a number.  Can you guess what the average is?  If so, you should guess two-thirds of that number to try and win.

Check it out here:

BADGING:  State the number that you guessed, and write a brief paragraph explaining your strategy.  Why did you choose that number?  What were you expecting other people to guess?  End this first paragraph by stating how far away you were from the actual “winning answer”.  Write a second paragraph explaining why this game is interesting from a mathematical perspective (read and summarize the explanation that appears after you make your guess.)  In this paragraph, explain the Nash Equilibrium in your own words.

Talk Back To The Teacher Here:

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