Win At Monopoly Using Mathematics

a473cda6c0a58d9b2e2bc2292d16c3341370423843-1301771802-4d97761a-620x348Ever play your friends or family in Monopoly?  Ever wish that you could crush them in a game of Monopoly like a dung beetle under a cement truck?  You’re in luck:  Mathematics can be used to help you bankrupt your opponents and keep your family in hock to you until you leave home for college.

Check it out here:  How To Use Math To Crush Your Friends At Monopoly Like Never Before (Business Insider)

BADGING:  Read the article.  Play a game of Monopoly with at least two other players (3 players total) and utilize the strategy from the article.  Write a single paragraph about the outcome of the game and your thoughts on the article.

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