Questions About Facebook Leads to Solution to a 50-year old Problem

fb_icon_325x325Some mathematicians were doing some research about social networking (Facebook, etc.) and discovered they were on track to solve a 50-year old unproven conjecture: The Kadison-Singer Problem.

Because of this important solution, they were awarded 2014’s George Pólya Prize in mathematics.

Check it out here: Effort to Model Facebook Yields Key to Famous Math Problem (and a prize)

PS: For current- and future- Advanced Pre-Algebra students, George Pólya is the inventor of the 6-step system that we use to explain our solutions to our Problems of the Week.

BADGING:  Read the article and write at least two paragraphs that explain what mathematical problem the Kadison-Singer Problem attempts to address and how Facebook helped to prove the conjecture.

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