Kurt Gödel’s Immigration Story

GodelAn interesting story about mathematician Kurt Gödel.  During his immigration interview to enter the United States, he claimed he found a loophole to the constitution that would allow the US to become a dictatorship in the future.  As someone who has gone through the immigration process to become an American, I know that this is the type of statement that customs officials do not take likely.

Gödel is more influential as a logician than a mathematician so there’s a good chance he found a logical fallacy in some clause in the Constitution that could be exploited.  What do you think?  Thankfully this faux pas didn’t keep Gödel from gaining his citizenship.

Check it out here:  The Mathematician who Showed us how the US could be made into a dictatorship.

BADGING:  Read the article.  Answer the following questions in at least two paragraphs: “Do you think mathematical logic can and should be applied to fields in the humanities (English, Social Studies, History, Government, etc.) .  Use something from the article to support your position.


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